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We are passionate about creating fresh food and never compromising on quality. We use Welsh award-winning artisan cheeses such as the Snowdonia Cheese and free-range charcuterie made in Monmouthshire. We use local mushrooms and our Caeau Gwynion Lamb comes from our Catering Manager’s Family Farm.


We create a unique light and crisp sourdough with a fermentation process that takes up to 48 hours. We are delighted to have reduced our carbon footprint by recently souring a British flour from Britain’s No 1 artisan flour mill Matthews Cotswold Flour. 


We are ‘Artisan’ Pizza makers. Our Pizzas are made fresh to order. We hand stretch every pizza, coat the bases in our homemade tomato sauce and top them with the best quality ingredients, before baking them on hot stones at over 300 degrees.


We source local, Welsh and sustainable ingredients wherever possible and champion other small independent businesses. We have offset our carbon footprint since 2021. You can read more about our commitment to sustainability here.

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