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Award winning ice cream pots beddgelert gwynedd north wales glaslyn

We are famous for our buttery, silky-smooth ice cream and we are humbled that sampling one of our many delicious flavours has become synonymous with a visit to Beddgelert. Having studied our craft for over 50 years, we know a thing or two about Ice Cream and Gelato.


Our award-winning ice cream is handmade on site in Beddgelert, in the heart of Eryri  (Snowdonia) National Park in North Wales.


Our range of 20 flavours of ice cream include traditional British staples like Dairy Vanilla, Mint Choc Chip, Rum and Raisin and Raspberry Ripple, to the more exotic, such as Pure Pistacchio, Turkish Delight, Halen Mon Salted Caramel and Rum and Chocolate Truffle. We also specialise in dairy free / vegan sorbets and ice cream flavours such as strawberry, mango, chocolate and our ‘Best in UK’ Blackcurrant.

The Secret Recipe


Made daily on site in Beddgelert, we make our Ice Cream with fresh Welsh milk from a local farm Llaethdy Plas Isa Dairy and Shirgar butter from West Wales. We never use fat substitutes such as palm oil.  Our Dairy-Free Vegan sorbets are made with a high content of real fruit. We are passionate about championing local suppliers and ingredients, such as Halen Mon in our Salted Caramel. We source from the UK where possible, including our cones. We only source the best quality Italian gelato flavours containing natural colours and flavours.


You can’t actually make ice cream or gelato without whipping some air into the mix. Ours is a premium product due to the low percentage of air in our recipes that occurs through a natural churning process. Economy ice creams can have up to four times as much air pumped into the mix through an artificial process in order to compensate for the low prices at which it is sold (Ice Cream Alliance, 2021).


We are ‘Artisan’ Ice Cream makers. Our Ice Creams and Dairy-Free Vegan Sorbets are freshly made daily on site in Beddgelert using a traditional Italian method used to make premium gelato. We use the best machinery in the World to create small batches, filling our pots and pans by hand and decorating each flavour individually.


We were the first Ice Cream Parlour in the UK to use a specialist ‘pozzetti’ Italian display freezer. The combination of glycol and air-cooled technology is more environmentally friendly and preserves the quality of gelato, without compromising on the ability to see the beautiful display. We go to great lengths to source packaging that is either recyclable or home-compostable and we are proud to be part of the Plastic Free Yr Wyddfa Ddi Blastig project which recognises businesses in Eryri (Snowdonia) National Park for removing ‘single-use plastics’ wherever possible from their operation.

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National Ice Cream Competition Awards

We are proud to have won awards at the UK’s National Ice Cream Competition for our ice cream and sorbets since the mid 1980s. This includes six gold medals. We also won three stars at the Great Taste Awards last year.

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