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We are a family business with an informal, friendly and supportive culture. We communicate openly and honestly and with respect for others. We are collaborative. We want to make sure our employees feel an integral part of our business and have time to spend with their own families, as well as creating enjoyable experiences for the families that visit Glaslyn.


We want to do everything we can to protect Snowdonia National Park and reduce any negative impact our business has on the environment. We must also build a sustainable future for the business and future generations which means strategic planning, efficient use of resources and innovation. We are serious about sustainability and ensuring that Snowdonia is preserved for the next generation. To us that means caring about our team, our community, our customers, the environment and our planet by working towards becoming carbon negative in 2022. Watch this space as we blog our journey…

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We support local suppliers, producers and use local ingredients where possible. We acknowledge our contribution to the Beddgelert experience and want to ensure the wider community benefits from the success of the business, including creating jobs for local people and fundraising for local charities.


We take pride in our individual responsibilities and strive to develop our abilities and continue learning to become experts in our craft. We are creative and innovative, always leading the way in our area of expertise.



We value quality in everything that we do from ice cream and pizza to the customer experience. We have high standards and always strive to deliver excellence through creating award winning, fresh, premium products. This means sourcing the best ingredients, refining our processes, and investing in technology and our people. It also means innovating to remain the best at what we do.