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Top 7 things to do in Beddgelert

Updated: May 10, 2023

Beddgelert may be a small, quaint village in the heart of Eryri, but despite its small size, it’s brimming with activities and attractions.

It’s the perfect base to explore the whole national park, but even before leaving the limits of the village, it would be difficult to do everything in just one weekend!

So, we’ve made a list of our top things to do in Beddgelert, the best activities for whether you’re visiting for the day, holidaying here, or you’re a local wanting to explore what’s on your doorstep.

Gelert’s Grave

This one has to be top of the list. After all, it's what our village is named after (Bedd = grave, Gelert).

For anyone who doesn’t know the tale, Gelert was the loyal hound of Llewelyn, the Prince of Wales. His grave can still be visited today which is just a short gentle walk along the river from the town centre.

The whole walk is about a mile in length and takes around an hour to complete (view the route). It’s highly accessible for pushchairs and wheelchairs, and it’s a great walk to take your dog with stunning views of the Eryri landscape with a touch of the history of Wales.

Beddgelert Forest

The forest, which is located just north of the village, is home to beautiful walks and bike rides.

The Llyn Llewelyn walk through the forest has spectacular views of Yr Wyddfa. The route is circular, starting and ending at the car park, and takes around 2.5 hours to complete (2¾ miles/4.4 km in distance). It’s the ideal location to sit with a picnic, allowing yourself to soak in the fresh air and the beautiful landscape.

There are also a few bike routes through the forest itself - these are waymarked and graded for difficulty, so check the information panels at the start of the trails setting off.

Sygun Copper Mines

The attractions of Beddgelert don’t stop at ground level - plunge into the depths of the Sygun Copper Mines and bring out your inner adventurer!

This historic copper mine features winding tunnels to colourful chambers, brimming with stalactite and stalagmite formations. The beautiful surroundings are the perfect reward on your adventure into the world beneath Beddgelert.

As well as exploring the mines, you can also enjoy various other activities such as the children’s playground, metal detecting, and panning for gold!

Explore the local businesses

There’s a plethora of things to do in Beddgelert itself before exploring the outskirts.

Of course, there’s our very own Glaslyn Pizzeria and Ice Cream Parlour. We’re incredibly proud to say that tasting our ice cream has become synonymous with a visit to Beddgelert.

However, the village is home to so much more.

There are various pubs, cafes and restaurants, such as the Prince Llewelyn Hotel, The Tanronnen Inn, The Saracens Head, Caffi Colwyn, Hebog Bistro, as well as shops: Beddgelert Woodcraft, Siop Pen Gwyn (selling homemade fudge and sweets), The Village General Store, and Crib Goch Outdoor. And if the weather’s nice, you can always cool off with a dip in the river, or have a picnic on the bank.

1085 Adventures

If you love the thrill of adventure, this is a must!

1085 Adventures offers a way to explore Eryri, discovering the hidden gems instead of the roads most travelled. Join them for guided walks, bike hire, and mountain gear, as you prepare for an adventure of a lifetime.

Whether you’re looking for a group ride or a 1-1 guided adventure, add 1085 Adventures to your list of must-dos.

Summit to Savour

Reach new heights with Summit to Savour - the best way to explore Eryri in a more… vertical way.

With various adventures to choose from, you can explore Eryri through climbing, gorge walking and scrambling through the crevices of the mountains.

Their adventures are always organised on a private basis too so you won’t be placed with strangers. That way, you can build memories with your friends or family as you soar to the summits of Snowdonia.

The Welsh Highland Railway

Breathtaking views, historic steam engines, and comfortable seating. What more could you ask for? The Welsh Highland Railway takes you on a journey across Eryri. Bask in views you can’t find anywhere else as the steam train takes you along the base of the mountain range.

The tracks span 25 miles across the Welsh Highlands, from the historic town of Caernarfon, under the sloping mountains of Eryri, through the stunning Aberglaslyn Pass and up to Porthmadog. And of course, the train stops in our little village, so you can stop by for an ice cream.

Will you be in Beddgelert in 2023?

If so, make sure to try some of the activities on our list. Of course, this is only a fraction of the activities possible to do in Beddgelert, and a drop in the bucket when you take into account Eryri and the surrounding areas in North Wales.

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